I'm trying to make a point. I'm trying to make a point. I'm trying to make a point.
Well, he never actually said that. The painter known as the "quiet experimenter" would hardly have been so bold.

Born in Paris, the son of a local public servant and a warm-hearted mother, Seurat lived in relative comfort. Yet his upbringing cultivated his sense of shyness and gentility. Entering the Beaux-Arts School in 1878, he did not excel academically, but was known to be meticulous and studied in his work habits.

Losing the acceptance of the old-school establishment early on, Seurat became a silent leader of the "neo-impressionist" movement. He studied the theory and physics of light and color, developing a style of painting known as "pointillism," the juxtposition of tiny brushes or "dots" of contrasting colors for an overall effect.

This site is a broad overview of Seurat's life and work, through the study of four of his major paintings, which show the development of his pointillist style. Each chapter listed on the main menu consists of a preliminary sketch, followed by the completed work.

To learn more of Seurat, an excellent reference is Seurat, by Hajo Duchting (Koln, Germany: Benedikt Taschen Verlag GmbH, 2000. English translation: Michael Hulse.) A comprehensive online gallery of his work can be found at both Mark Harden's Artchive, and the Artcyclopedia, which includes links to museums that house his works.
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